The new glo&ray2017 release all star guests to join Sohu mentalist

Glo& Ray2017 new release all star guests to join Sohu in November 5, 2016, from the UK Glo& cosmetics brand; Ray light Rui in Beijing, Sanlitun orange hall held a new conference. This time, Glo& Ray light shining color Rui open again in time, to "- up" as the theme, unveiled new.   into the venue, the first thing is that the distinctive style of the new preview area respectively to slide, dress and other delicate pieces decorate a display area, and the trend of young all-match commuter mysterious and beautiful three styles, which are corresponding to the Glo& the Ray light Rui new eye — Glo& precise stereo Ray automatic eyebrow pencil, Glo& Ray, Glo& delicate lasting Eyeliner; Ray Aurora Ryukyu star eye shadow powder, enduring classic products, as well as new lip — Glo& Ray streamer Creamy Lip color pen and Glo& Ray Lip Shimmer Lip Cream Love Gold Limited edition.      , it is worth mentioning that, Glo& Ray and Tangle Teezer upcoming cross-border cooperation hair combing hair is also ahead of the exposure in the new preview area, the pattern shows the trend of personalized taste.   conference site red carpet is ushered in Yuan Shanshan, Geng Le, Yu Mingjia, Tang Xiaotian, Rao Wei and other 7 stars and famous stylist Xu Yonggang teacher, Zhang Yi teacher, beauty aromatherapy expert Qin Bin teacher, are people from the media & cross-border jewelry designer Miss do not eat lotus root, beauty fashion bloggers with 10 fairies a well-known fashion stylist, Master, and Glo& Ray had the better light Rui fashion night. The scene of star   (Yuan Shanshan) (Rao Wei) (Yu Mingjia) (Lizzie) (Tang Xiaotian)       (Yang Xuwen) at the famous stylist and fashion Master etc. (famous makeup stylist Xu Yonggang) (Beauty aromatherapy expert Qin Bin (famous) color makeup stylist Zhang Yi   (famous makeup); Yu Doudou ( ) division; fashion aesthetic experts Kaidaqi) (Fashion Stylist Zhang Jin) (    are people from the media, cross-border jewelry designers do not eat Lotus (Miss) micro-blog fashion blogger, beauty beauty expert, a freelance writer Simon fine. (micro-blog) fashion Blogger and delicacy Master Liu Xiaolan)   (travel; beauty fashion blogger Lin Jiaxi Nini) with T on both sides of Taiwan color trends report, Glo& Ray light Rui 2017 "" new makeup? Product launch official! The opening of the mysterious atmosphere rendering performance attracted every guests sight, followed by the debut of the model in the very sense of rhythm of the music to the guests show vitality, amazing and beautiful makeup nude make-up lip, three kinds of style.相关的主题文章: