The new &quot 9953&quot single corn; Henan; yield a record — Henan branch network in Huanghuaihai r quickchm

The new " 9953" single corn; Henan; yield a record — Henan branch network in Huanghuaihai region — measurements to determine yield area   Guo Zhipeng for Hebi in September 30, (Qi Yifang) at present, the New Maize Variety "nurtured by Henan Agricultural University Henan 9953 single" measuring production, the average yield of 1096.22 kg. Won a record yield of Maize Varieties in Huanghuaihai area should be set. 1096.22 kilograms is what concept? It is understood that the current average output of corn in China is 400 – 500 kg acres, the record is more than the national average of more than 2 times. The yield of 15 acres of corn yield demonstration range in Xunxian County province Henan city Hebi town of kui. This is not only the field of production, in the past more than one hundred experiments carried out in various regions, the species on the eye-catching performance. Especially in 2015 the national corn seed harvesting of Summer Maize Varieties in Huang Huai research in regional test, the yield in the 54 tested varieties first, and only one than the whole field of control and close to control all the pilot production varieties. Test production team leader, China Agricultural University Wang Pu introduction, this breed, ear low, lodging resistance, the 5000-5500 strain Mu density condition, the field of plant growth regular, uniform groups inside and outside the ear, almost can not see the empty lines and bald. So strong is good, harvest ear uniform, full grain, high performance especially. For the "Yudan 9953" development prospects, Wang Pu is confident: "the varieties suitable for planting and harvesting of the outstanding traits, to improve work efficiency, adapt to the scale of planting, realize it is important to increase the yield. In the future, it will be possible to increase the yield if the conditions of cultivation, environmental conditions and the interaction between varieties are suitable." Yu Shan 9953 is hosted by Professor Chen Yanhui, Henan Agricultural University, a good selection of new varieties of corn, the entire R & D team to invest for 8 years. The actual situation of what the most suitable varieties in Huanghuaihai region? What kind of species is most suitable for the construction of the core area of Henan grain production requirements? Eventually, they will set the goal of "high yield and its suitable grain harvest". Henan is the core area of national food production, corn production to a higher level, the level of mechanization is an important part of the important factors which restrict the mechanization of corn harvest is the lack of high yield and suitable for harvesting varieties. Chen Yanhui said: "there’s an urgent need in Henan and the national maize production is to solve the large-scale high-yield grain harvesting varieties, thus reducing the production cost, improve production efficiency. Source: – Henan branch network     09 2016 30 August 12:05 share to: (commissioning editor Song Fangxin and Yang Tianzi)相关的主题文章: