The old gold ShabuShabu Home Dishes private in the cold wind of the warm – and Sohu ajviewer

The first day of the old gold private ShabuShabu Home Dishes brought in the cold wind in the warm – and Sohu in November, God will come to a blow — while entering the freezing mode. In order to respect for the cold sacred, only wearing long johns, and long johns into socks is not enough to drop. The big copper pot, Wang Lu with charcoal, coriander, chopped green onion sesame small material special; fresh mutton, three two round will have to push lightly; down is frozen tofu, vermicelli, mushrooms, duck mouth tender; boiling fat, boiled cabbage, green cabbage leaves a little greasy solution, clear mouth almost, eat; petals with sesame crisp Pickled Sweet Garlic, yo Clay oven rolls seam, a few export cheap two catch, okay! Warm heart, even the brain is full of fragrance! This is all tied up in the winter. In fact, whether it is native, or drift to heal people, hunger and cold for old Beijing Shabu, are fond of. Diners around the big table, copper kettle exudes steaming heat over the glasses are completely ignored, buried his head in the Taoxintaofei dig kidney behavior art as the theme of the atmosphere, the general popularity, a hungry tiger at its prey, momentum. The memory of big copper pot ShabuShabu deep, staged are people living in Beijing, a plain and erotic power, and this is the nose slip suck out the cold weather. When we walked into a line of nearly 10 people, is located in Dongcheng District Chunxiu Road No. 25 (Bao Fuyuan next to the hotel) old gold private ShabuShabu home cooking delicious, full of heat, keep a diner. I saw the bustling, All seats are occupied., business is hot. Seated near the free floating oil, scallion, ginger, red dates, clear the bottom of the pot on the table, charcoal to copper pot heat soon led to the soup and rolls, the temperature increase in the room immediately, we have to take off his jacket, sleeves rolled up, eager! Serving! High quality ingredients, set well, keep the dishes fresh and relaxed and colorful color value, romantic and wonderful gathered one artifact is simply taking pictures. [[] featured high calcium lamb belly meat, little sheep, sheep, sheep, the best selection of leg muscles, gourmet beef, sheep meat] Sun chopsticks in the broth put a four or five back and forth, pale, small? With a piece of material, into the mouth, gently bite, such as the ultimate fountain the earth trembled and the mountains swayed, delicious in general, surging out, fragrant, all have been shocked! [[] [] handmade mutton beef tripe, beef marrow] hand slightly cook for a while, into the mouth, the sliding bullet full, chewing up and a lot of fun, and if the tongue repeatedly intertwined, endless aftertaste. [] [] oil bean curd tofu skin chewing, rich smooth mouth bean slowly overflow, arbitrary aspect, in the mouth wanton rampant, leisurely and carefree. [] [] [] yam lotus root fungus assorted cold dishes with crispy soft, soft with hard, enough to feed enough to feed the gastronomy! [] [] baby food vegetables fight white green with peculiar function and small material, the delicate fragrance of vegetables directly into the oral cavity and even though dense body, taste soft, but like ten pieces of brocade, inside the top of the floating abundance, let Xiang Jin gradually exhausted on the tongue. Prawns []0相关的主题文章: