The old street selling stolen mobile phone search buyers is precisely the plainclothes police Beijin aizi

The old street selling stolen mobile phone search "buyers" is precisely the plainclothes police Beijing life – September 20th reported recently, a thief in the city street theft after selling cheap mobile phone, did not expect to hit on the muzzle, "buyers" was actually plainclothes police. 2, 17 PM, the Harbin Public Security Bureau patrol detachment seven brigade two squadron deputy commander Zhang Da led three plainclothes police patrol, to benefit the people of Liverpool Street and street intersection, and found a man selling mobile phone are passers shabby in dress. "Phone or not?" Plainclothes police came to see, man also shaking his mobile phone to ask. Zhang Da then found that this is a 90% new white apple 6Pl us, the phone shell is also studded with diamonds, the man said the phone password does not remember, to $500 on the line. According to many years of experience in handling cases, Zhang suspects that the phone is stolen, then bright police identity requires the man to produce identity documents, the man turned and ran, was arrested by the police. The man Zhang explained that the phone is just stolen. 2, 16 PM, Zhang Kazakhstan at the bus station and found a young woman to free mobile phone stuck in his trouser pockets, also peeped out a. Near 103 bus stop, it was raining that day, Zhang left to take the umbrella cover, the right hand quickly stolen mobile phone, the woman on the car, and Zhang leave immediately. He wanted to sell mobile phone exchange money, but the results met the plainclothes police. When the police contacted the woman, she found that the phone was stolen. After the trial, Zhang Chongqing, 57 years old this year. From 1981 to June 2016 of 35 years, has four times for robbery and theft in 6 at the end of this year has just released from prison, recently arrived in Harbin, just did not expect to succeed once they were arrested. Currently, Zhang has been under criminal detention. (Li Mingzhe)相关的主题文章: