The older ugly love national husband marry successful counterattack cibi

The older ugly love counterattack: success marry "national husband" core tip: "Fengjie" Han Meng Guang why can realize love counter attack? The ancients said: marry a person by his appearance, appearance as do people marry; Eli, as the people scattered; marry people by virtue, reach old age together. The value of Liang Hong is the character of Meng Meng, Liang Hong value is also a moral meng. This is the real reason for the Mengguang to catch a millionaire.   data extracted from him: "Yangcheng Evening News" in 2016 08 17 August B04 edition, author: field, the original title: the marriage conditions "Fengjie" love Xifeng many of Luo Yufeng’s counter attack, but the most demanding is to have Andy Lau, Simon Yam’s handsome, handsome, Nicholas Tse Leon Jay Williams the cold, Han Han’s talent. This condition is the fairy also difficult to achieve, so it become a joke at leisure. Does her the way people really don’t get the sweet love? The answer, of course, is negative. In the Eastern Han Dynasty also have such a "Fengjie", but the "Fengjie" not only to catch a millionaire, but also the achievements of a story. The "Fengjie" named Meng Guang, who lives in Fufeng Ping ling. According to the "Houhanshu" records, Mengguang fat, black and ugly, 30 years old are not married. However, Mengguang become "3S lady" is not because he is ugly, but because he did not want to marry. Many matchmaker to propose, but were rebuffed mengguang. Father Meng Guang asked anxiously: "girl, you really want to marry a what kind of person?!" Meng Guang yiyujingren: "in addition to the first virtuous wit Hong Liang, who I do not marry!" Even if there is no network, but this sentence Mengguang was immediately spread throughout the country, become popular. Who is Liang Hong? Why Mengguang this sentence will make it popular in the country? Liang Hong is one of the most advanced at that time not only graduated from the University, Imperial College, and virtuous first, talent first, the first appearance, Han Department recognized the "national husband", many "Bai Fumei" want to marry Liang Hong, and this woman for Mengguang such can be said to tell some fantastic tales. However, because Liang Hong is not an ordinary person, just do not have the same common people a standard. The Han national husband actually promised to marry the ugly Meng Guang as his wife. Meng Guang to marry Liang Hong, not only won the people of Liang Hong, but also get the heart of the heart of the people of the world, and the heart of the heart of the heart of the heart of the heart of the people, but also the heart of the. Meng light Liang Hong does other white Formica cannot reach. Meng Guang and Liang Hong together living in seclusion, Mengguang weaving at home, Liang Hong wasteland farming. Leisure time, two people are playing as a pleasurable occupation. Not only willing to pay for Liang Hong Meng, and with Liang Hongzun. According to "Hong Liang biography" records, Liang Hong in order to avoid the Han Emperor Zhang called the official, once to Wu Han Gao Bo family servant. One day, Gao Bo Meng see light beam hung meal, put the tray was as tall as his eyebrows, head bowed respectfully invited her husband to eat (this is the origin of "juanjimei"), Gao Bo can be startled at marry such a character, that a woman who is not ordinary people. The results of an investigation, the servant was wit Hong liang. Gao Bo immediately put Liang Hongfeng as a guest, Liang Hong began to write the book on Gao Bo door, until it finally died. East.相关的主题文章: