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The Premier League weekend Manchester Derby   Guardiola Mourinho to Manchester City boss – Sichuan Channel – original title: Premier League weekend Manchester Derby Guardiola Mourinho to Manchester City boss. Original title: Guardiola Mourinho to Manchester City boss last week is an international match day, the five major European League suspended way this week, it will be renewed. The Premier League is undoubtedly the highlight of the Manchester Derby, this is Mourinho and Guardiola left the Spanish, again to the Premier League giants coach identity played, so this game no matter from which point of view, it is full of surprise, for this will attract numerous eyeball game what do you think? Ren Bojian: not the enemy does not meet, La Liga, two wits led the result of course each one has its own merits, Guardiola, or a stroke above. In the Premier League, especially in Manchester City, Mourinho naturally do not want to be suppressed. The Manchester United home court battle, chupan United let flat half high water, upper plate water week decline, such as face plate of water can be controlled within 1, then I will tend to defeat Manchester united. Lin Siwen: the past is always Manchester United boss, but with Ferguson’s retirement, the past few seasons, was completely suppressed Manchester united. In the face of overbearing rivals Manchester United this season, costly, and mad men also want to use a victory to the same early to the premier Guardiola a run, of course, can do is to be seen, but considering Manchester City next week and the Champions League, and the Aguero suspended for not playing and other factors, I was optimistic about united with the derby. Moderator: on Liverpool a round away draw with Tottenham, the team beat team seems to be very exciting, but hit the underdog but always not to send the strength, they will be the home court against the new champion Leicester City, I do not know the state will not have ups and downs? Ren Bojian: Liverpool to the current lineup for the Champions League qualification a little tired. The Liverpool chupan let half one low water, the water in the week hanging down, the spot is estimated to be up a ball, bets from the point of view, Liverpool Sheng Wang is very strong, maintain a low water high water on the spot or a ball, SMG can consider single Liverpool Sheng bo. Moderator: Arsenal beat Waterford ushered in the first round away win of the season, the return to the home court against Southampton, Arsenal are expected to gain another victory? Lin Siwen: this field for Arsenal home court let half one low water, the rise of a ball high water, Southampton is the premier in the upper reaches of the team, the overall strength is not weak, but Arsenal next week and Champions League matches, the team’s recent injury situation is not optimistic, in this case, a ball disc for Arsenal not cheap. On the spot to maintain a ball high water, that Arsenal have a good chance to win, SMG can be considered to do with arsenal. Moderator: we continue to talk about the Premier League after analyzing the current round of the Bundesliga, the fight is the first Bundesliga match against Bayern Schalk. From the current position, making clear the high Bayern line, although Bayern is the German giant, but Schalk is also the Bundesliga teams, the banker is so optimistic about Bayern, there may be induced in Bayern? Ren Bojian: of course, this possibility can not be ruled out, the current plate)相关的主题文章: