The second session of the China International Piano Competition ending 63 players won a schol

The second session of the China International Piano Competition ending   63 players won a scholarship exchange — Guangxi Channel – Nanning on 7 October, the United States   National Day holiday ending on the occasion, enough to see the scenic huge crowds of people sit down and listen, an elegant piano concert. October 6th at 2 pm, the Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center held the second Sino US International Piano Competition Awards ceremony and Winners Concert – star dance report. The participants of the excellent contestants also took turns playing, offer the audience a visual feast. After the preliminaries, semi-finals and finals in 12 days of exciting competition, the final 63 contestants won one to six talent shows itself, and the prize winners, the youngest player is only 4 and a half years old. And the first one is different, this year’s game more grand scale. Contestants from the first session of more than 120 to more than 400, the scale of the jury is also more powerful. The Sino US International Piano Competition invited the famous French pianist Monique? Dufeier, Guangxi first stage Kennedy Art Center in the United States on the land, the Russian American pianist Tim pianist Yuri and queen Elizabeth in 2016? Sha Delin international piano competition champion Lucas van berndtson, American Radford? University Piano Department Director Li Guankui and so many of the world the piano master for judges. The game attracted many Guangxi local players at the same time, some of the players are from Guangzhou. The participation of world-class piano masters, while presenting a world-class competition to the audience, but also to the participants to give a high level of review and guidance. Guangxi local pianist Lu Tian said, organized by the Sino US International Piano Competition in mind, Guangxi is to help the child, let the children have a chance and platform to realize their dreams, but also to get the help of music. According to the ranking and prizes in the game, the players get to the United States to attend the international art exchange center of the United States in the summer of 2017 Baltimore International Music Festival a scholarship. Among them, 6 first prize winners receive $8000 worth of a scholarship (all expenses to the United States to participate in the free music festival, including airfare, accommodation, travel expenses and expenses for the music festival). By then, the winning players will have access to world-class piano master’s guide, and be able to work with world-class large coffee share learning piano. At the same time, in this competition, the young B group, youth group, professional youth group, youth group and professional player award (first to six), can be promoted to American universities to train links, by the jury of the interview, American University piano professional qualification through the exemption. (Zhang Honglu, Lu Xiaogui) to (commissioning editor Pang Guanhua and Chen Lulu)相关的主题文章: