The three city 1 days sold nearly billion line of housing prices high premium grab chips gamble – ma

The three city 1 days sold nearly billion line of housing prices high premium grab chips gamble – market dynamics – Shanghai Locke network?? September 23rd, 104 home prices in Nanjing 20 cases including 11 Yaohao, break the plate high, become the new king. ?? On the same day, Suzhou also staged soil shoot speed and passion, Luneng and Yanlord were refreshed in Xiangcheng and the new floor price record, Xincheng real estate to 10 billion 600 million yuan price of the most expensive land in the local manufacturing. Hefei is concentrated for 11 (including commercial land), the average premium rate of 244.6%, the land price of the four counties have been refreshed. ?? According to incomplete statistics, Nanjing, Suzhou and Hefei three city day sales revenue has nearly one hundred billion yuan, of which Nanjing only sold 20 parcels, sold 47 billion 458 million yuan, the land premium rate has been high. A large number of high prices, land prices when the rest? Whether the market can support the future market prices? ?? Suzhou: the birth of ten billion in September 23rd the most expensive land?? Suzhou land auction since 5 pm, after 3 hours and 35 minutes, the 104 round, and eventually gave birth to 10 billion 600 million of the total price of the most expensive land, competing for the Metro real estate subsidiary Changzhou Wanfang City Real Estate Co. Ltd, a premium of 79.29% to the floor price 7946 yuan per square meter. In fact, the residential land is the most important in Suzhou soil shoot. 23 days to shoot out of the operating land, residential land for a total of 8 residential land, of which No. 57 and No. 64, No. 63, block 65, the government set the price guide. ?? Even so, but the first shooting of the 57 plots, still shooting in 11 minutes after the break through government guidance, 34 minutes turnover, premium 77%, the floor price of 26224.57 yuan turnover, Luneng real estate, financial record, beating Longhu HUAFA, Xu Hui and other housing prices, take the land. ?? Second cases with guidance of the 63 plots, the auction started faster, 3 minutes to terminate the auction, into a one-time offer stage. This is a pure residential plots, floor price reached 31049.95 yuan square meters. ?? Non price block of the auction is more intense, No. 58 plots shooting 1 minutes 40 seconds, the auction has been carried out to the 70 round of 2 minutes, the premium rate has reached 100%, the final parcel of northern Xiangcheng District Suzhou residential land premium of 170% square meters, the floor price of 16213 yuan. ?? The other plots on the same day shooting, also staged a speed and passion, the transaction price and the high premium rate high off. According to reporters rough calculation, today’s land auction, Suzhou land sales of about 32 billion 400 million yuan. Suzhou land market fiery, the property market is still so. Suzhou volume growth of 93.9%, the highest level for the 30 cities. August Suzhou housing prices rose 10 months after the first decline, the average price of new housing transactions about $15299 square meters, down 0.25%. ?? Hefei: for acres is still looting?? in September 23rd, Hefei sell 11 land (including commercial land) a total of 1050.52 acres, the average premium rate of 244.6%, single suction gold 16 billion 880 million yuan. Vanke, financial innovation, u相关的主题文章: