The UEFA Cup – Rooney assists Ibrahimovic broke 1-0’s 3 game winning streak, Ha minmi

The UEFA Cup – Rooney assists Ibrahimovic broke   1-0’s 3 game winning streak, Hainan window — Beijing time September 30th morning, 2016-17 season UEFA Cup group A second round competition, Manchester United at Old Trafford in 1 to 0 victory over Lou Gansike Sol A, Rooney assists Ibrahimovic scored the game’s only goal. Manchester United get the first win of the new season in the Champions League, while Mourinho is the team made three game winning streak. Fifth minutes, Petri Ark left the ball crossed inverted triangle to the middle, Liu Benoit’s inside the restricted area arc kicker hit fly. Nineteenth minutes, Ibrahimovic big area before the arc of his right foot shot, the ball was blocked from the top left corner of the goal to fly out of the bottom line. Twentieth minutes, Mata left corner, Pogba header wide loiter, rush Ford area to the right 9 meters right foot shot hit the far corner of the beam, the ball hit hard along the pop-up. Thirty-first minutes, Ibrahimovic direct free kick shot by a wall dangxia. Thirty-eighth minutes, Pogba on the right side of the road, the ball hit the top of the tower overhead beam. Forty-second minutes, Rush Forde Hei Che shot was blocked the bottom line. Both sides easy side battles. Fifty-third minutes, Fellaini was shot on the right side of directly blocking area. Sixty-third minutes, Bailey pedaling opponent is booked. Sixty-sixth minutes off the bench, Paulinho the edge of the area shot, Romero had closed the ball out side. Immediately, Rooney will be replaced by the appearance. Sixty-ninth minutes, Mata Youlei Zhise, fossoux Mensa? On the right pass, Rooney 8 meters right foot shot kick / ball bounce, Ibrahimovic left the column before Jukka headed a CaMon beat break into joining Manchester United after sixth goals. Eighty-third minutes, Rooney road pick biography, Ibrahimovic header hit the top of the bottom of the sky in the top of the bay. Manchester United (4-2-3-1): 20- 5- 3- Romero Rojo, Bailey, 12-, 24- fossoux Smolin? Mensa (74 ’18- Ashley young) 27- 6- Pogba 19-, Fellaini, rush, 8- Mata (74′ 11- Marshall 14- (67), "lingard 10- Rooney) 9- Ibrahimovic Solya (4-4-1-1): Lugansk 1- 6- and Shevchenko Biolek? CaMon Jukka, 3- Sivakov, 12- Forster, 95- Sopot, 20- Carla Vayer J, 4- Tchaikovsky (80 ‘5- Gedi Enke), 24- 7- 22-, Geliqixin Petri Ark Benoit’s Liu (76’ 10- Lipatti 9- Kulakh (59) ‘Paulinho (11-) commissioning editor Liu Yangyang and Chen Haiyan)相关的主题文章: