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Travel-and-Leisure Pittsburgh Vacation Travel Tips Vacations in Pittsburgh should start with some research so that you know what you to expect out of your trip. Even if you have read up on quite a number of travel articles, there may be some that are not mentioned, things that may be considered trivial, but knowing them will help you go about the city. First time visitors will find it quite surprising that taxis in Pittsburgh cannot be hailed off the street; you will have to pick up the phone, call the cab .pany, and ask one to .e and get you. Weather can be unpredictable and it is quite .mon for sudden rains during summer months so always have an umbrella handy especially when you are out exploring. Tourists who have shopping on their list of must-dos will be pleased to know that clothing and shoes are tax-free, as well as groceries and specialty food items. Pittsburgh old-timers have their own lingo going when they talk with another so do not be surprised to hear some unfamiliar words when you are in eateries or bars, it is called Pittsburghese. Day Tours for Vacations in Pittsburgh For an eclectic mix of sightseeing, museum hopping, shopping, eating, and recreational activities, you can do them all on vacations in Pittsburgh. For great views of the citys Golden Triangle, visitors can take a ride on the historic Duquesne Incline that scales the side of Mount Washington right up to the top and back down again. It was originally built in 1877 and closed in 1962; through the efforts of the local residents, it was reopened in 1963 after being repaired and has been a major tourist attraction ever since. If you would like to spend some quiet and peaceful hours in the afternoon, head over to Point State Park and stroll along the landscaped grounds or see the monuments and plaques that .memorate important people and events in history. For some hearty and extremely filling meals, go to the Primanti Brothers original 1933 restaurant along the Strip District and order off their excellent menu of sandwiches topped with fries and coleslaw that has made the restaurant a Pittsburgh favorite and institution. Planning Vacations in Pittsburgh If you have been planning vacations in Pittsburgh, you have definitely made the right choice, as this city is full of sights and activities that will keep even the most active traveler occupied for the entire stay. Since you have already chosen the destination, the next step is to choose how to get there; you can either fly to Pittsburgh or drive there. Flying is favored by most since it is the easier and faster way, it is also a way to see for yourself why the Pittsburgh International Airport made it among the top five airports in America ranked by the Cond Nast Traveler Magazine. Hotels will be the next topic; choose one that is near to attractions you are intending to visit, fits your needs, and is within your budget. When you do research on hotels in Pittsburgh, you can also check out their own deals and packages that will include benefits and activities such as tickets to museums or sightseeing tours. Bring clothes that can be go with other pieces of clothing in your luggage and those that can be worn twice or thrice for the entire trip so that you will not end up overpacking and .fortable walking shoes if you plan to do some exploring. Research as much as you can about the city so that when you get there, you know the places you want to go see and what activities you are interested in doing by going online, asking advice from travel agents, or signing up for guided tours around Pittsburgh. Where to Shop on Pittsburgh Vacations Pittsburgh is a shoppers paradise with its huge malls, antique stores, flea markets, cozy little shops that offer unique items that will cater to all kinds of preferences; best of all, clothes, shoes, and groceries are all tax-free. There are the usual shopping giants such as Macys, Saks Fifth Avenue, One Oxford Center, and Fifth Avenue Arcade Shops that carry hundreds of stores and retailers located in downtown Pittsburgh. For your more than the usual shopping needs, you can head over and explore the South Side neighborhood for the antique shops, books and record stores, vintage clothing items, and other unique items. The Strip District is also a neighborhood that you cannot leave without visiting first; it is where serious food lovers go to get their fix because there is something for everyone here, from fresh and local fish, seafood, and produce to imported and hard to find food items and ingredients. Youll definitely go home after your Pittsburgh vacations with more purchases than you originally intended to after raiding all the wonderful stores the city has to offer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: