The Use Of Infrared Thermography In Electrical Equipment

UnCategorized There are several types of electrical maintenance, with some that work better than others. Reactive maintenance, for example, involves fixing the problem once it has already broken, which can lead to a great deal of time and money spent due to replacement costs and ceased production. Predictive maintenance, on the other hand, works to fix problems before they be.e serious and costly issues. Infrared (IR) thermography plays a major role in predictive electrical maintenance, and IR cameras are valuable tools that help electricians detect electrical problems early in .mercial and industrial buildings. Below, learn more about infrared thermography, including how it works, its use in electrical maintenance, and the benefits of this amazing technology. What Is Infrared Thermography?: Infrared thermography and IR cameras detect radiation of heat that cannot otherwise be perceived by the human eye. All objects emit thermal energy, or heat, and areas of abnormal temperature can be signs of energy leaks, loose circuits, equipment failure or safety hazards. IR imaging systems have the ability to see light in the heat spectrum, taking "heat" images that reveal a range of colors that electricians can use to measure temperature and detect anomalies. Through detailed temperature analysis, electrical workers can spot and correct problems before they be.e severe concerns. While it may seem tedious, identifying potential problems and correcting them early can provide impressive cost savings. Infrared Thermography and Electrical Systems: IR thermography is extremely helpful in electrical maintenance work. Loose electrical connections can lead to increased temperature, which can cause .ponents to fail and result in outages and possible injuries. Rising heat can lead to fires if left undetected. Some of the items inspected using this technique in the electrical industry include circuit breaker panels, power transformers, motors, motor control centers, bus connections, and air .pressor, boiler and cooling system controls, and more. Benefits of Infrared Thermography: If you work in a .pany or own a .pany that relies extensively on electrical equipment to keep production flowing, you’ll enjoy a variety of benefits for .mercial and industrial businesses by taking advantage of this technology for your electrical equipment maintenance,. By inspecting electrical equipment on a regular basis with predictive maintenance and fixing problems early on through IR thermography, the risk of safety hazards is greatly reduced. IR thermography also helps businesses save time and money. Even the smallest electrical problems can be.e severe when left undetected, leading to equipment failures that must shut down production for expensive repairs. Finding and fixing potential electrical problems can also save valuable time. Electrical inspections should be performed regularly and can take place without disrupting normal work operations. When electrical equipment is properly maintained and inspected with IR thermography, .panies can save time wasted on emergency appointments and shutting down production. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: