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Arts-and-Entertainment There is all the players want to do something place, and so are we," on the in Madison square garden in game, Johnson said, "people say they are another team, because the other players, and merv back, I haven’t scan their game, but no matter how hard they, they who play, Nike Air Max 2012 High Heels we all want to win. You know, it’s partition civil war, a game is equivalent to two games like, team record ranking is very important, even may affect the playoffs." Johnson’s bottom spirit, in addition to just ask for the team spirit, also from the nets in handsome after the new changes: the team’s offensive rhythm faster,Fast break and conversion attack score increased significantly, scoring higher efficiency; The team position attack-minded also more abundant, deron primarily all kinds of screen and roll, lopez and can do shaft wall and can do and when the fort the QianZhiLi, as well as the recovery of the good, let Johnson no longer bear so many singles, a dozen more responsibility. "We now have a good momentum, defense to keep stable, the offensive Nike Air Max 2011 end share ball do well," Johnson said. "so we opportunity is more difficult, and to be defensive. More important, we still keep learning, each other more tacit understanding, especially in the critical moment, we more and more confidence." As Johnson says, the nets not only in change after handsome with 10 wins, two negative good grades, but also obviously at the backward situation reversed, stage play, after the knicks and Anthony just is the most good at play in the first half, the first day, And the nets to the knicks two games, they also can’t resist in the second half. "As the season propulsion, we and they have been through a lot, they may be.e better, but we also care about our own progress, get our own game," Johnson said. "we’re ready, we will see!" Johnson left before the end of the dressing room with a question, or about the knicks, he again with soft voice, similar to answer again, until the public relations team again to clear. In walking out, he was saying to himself: Nike Air Max 2012 ".e, all .e……" All-star line-up is determined, the remaining 14 all-star reserve seats, should stay to the United States on January 24, time by league teams coach voted for. According to the practice, the western and eastern all-star team all seven players, the two defensive players, three attacking players, as well as any two of the players who .position, and every coach for the team players can’t vote. In recent years the all-star team, basic keep 20% a year (or 5) update. Both ten years never absent the old man, and because MaoJian and popular star, even a few into a few out of the "edge star". Around 30 managers the vote, in addition to the performance of the star, but also outside notting have habits, fresh, manage and cherish this several emotion. This year, who will be the lucky dog? Habit > > no you can’t figures: parker, wei little, deron, Pierce although Williams, the early this season’s said they don’t deserve all star, but 24 January vote, he may still "inevitable" and take a seat. All-star team is also follow the "one radish, one hole" principle. .pared to last year’s all-star squad, Nash, nowitzki, Cheap Nike Air Max Andrew bynum, aldridge, Ross, XiBoTe again the possibility of selected has very little, which has 20% of the update filled. As for the other stars, need not too big progress, simply keep level, leaving a probability. Parker, wei less is such examples. At present they are the spurs and thunder parse the west, first, good record this has set up a file in the coach vote bonus. The western MaoJian young point guard this is not, and the field is averaging 19.7 points, 7.3 assists parker and 22.7 points, 8.3 assists, almost certainly less wei for his lock two backup point guard seats. As for deron, because in handsome after personal data, the team record also fully rebound, plus rondo in starting, rose due to injury, lack of war, the Mesozoic era point guard can do all star model, only the deron. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: