This shop in Guiyang, called the children of his mother’s five-star kitchen!

The Guiyang store, as a child his mother’s private Sohu and Guiyang star kitchen! – this shop called the child his mother’s private kitchen is also more star child his dad worry little helper pregnant in October do not know how many quasi mom heard enough during this sentence: "I give you a chicken stew and cook porridge!" Although this is the husband and the elders deep love, but a lot of quasi Murray 5 years after the birth of swear don’t want to eat chicken to eat Rice porridge to eat fish, but today the figure on this bowl of porridge to all the mother said: "Mom, please love me again, give me a chance, give you a miracle!" Quasi private Ma porridge porridge fresh spring Shanghai five-star kitchen chef team is from Guangdong, after countless times, try to eat a variety of material, after many experiments have now all kinds of seafood porridge, the Porridge Pot Seafood nutrition with scallops, chicken, pig, small fish, wild shrimp boiled. Rich obviously. CHMS to meet in Guiyang maternal and child health management platform of public invited 10 quasi Ma and quasi dad went to Shanghai fresh tasting spring porridge ~ the event also invited Guizhou 6 Taiwan solar rain column most popular among the small children and parents together to eat sister Beibei, and Rebecca Rebecca small theater broadcast live on live Oh you can hear your sister with Beibei introduction to seafood porridge used in food, fried fish, Roasted Goose? How to blow how many hours the number of processes, the most important thing is to discuss and Beibei all site treasure mom and sister together to eat, this is a taste of the studio "the first time to eat the seafood porridge, usually eat either ordinary rice gruel or porridge, the taste is very dull, but the seafood porridge tastes very fresh, no Want to eat mustard desire, eat its taste is very delicious, but do not feel "less"." "This dish is also very delicate appetite, like fish, porridge? Seems no pepper seems very light, but tastes delicious, not imaginary insipid." "about the seafood porridge at home after practice, can also follow this approach to those with chicken soup porridge. This nutrient rich a lot, think before is a pot of stewed chicken, look shiny forehead heart, and learn new methods! "~" did not think there are so many tricks a, also can have so much choice in the main, to eat here is very convenient, want to fill what is what, added to the porridge pot on the fix." Porridge fathers little helper "grief really wanted to give her some nutritional supplements, but their craft is not really good, do not to mention her I don’t want to go out to eat, but choose less, a lot of things are not suitable for pregnant women to eat and do not worry, today to participate in this sample, after the choice of the place, the porridge on the spring to my surprise, did not think the original porridge will also so delicious, and I spent a lot of chicken, cheese bone, the shrimp boil very nutritious, eat here to meet the two requirements of nutrition and taste." "Here to go good ah, in the urban area is also very convenient, work time to pack up and go home on the 0相关的主题文章: