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Three quarterly disclosure of a successful ending three main gold outline roadmap – Sohu today is October A share market of ending the war, is also listed companies to disclose the end date of the three quarterly this year. As of press time, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two, a total of 2925 companies released three quarterly bulletin, the 347 performance of the company has doubled, 217 companies achieved performance losses, 102 companies achieved a quarterly performance of the chain increased three. Analysts pointed out that with the market gradually warming, the stage of adjustment will lead to the differentiation of early hot, high growth, the company performance inflection point, the continued growth of the various funds will become a hot chase. This article from the above three aspects, careful combing of the listed company three quarterly, according to industry distribution, to explore the related leading the company’s investment value from, for the majority of investors layout reference. 36 company performance increase of over 10 times the "Securities Daily" Market Research Center, according to statistics, as of press time ago, the two cities a total of three quarterly disclosure of 2925 companies, including 347 companies this year three quarterly reporting period, net profit attributable to parent company doubled, accounting for 11.86%. Specifically, from an increase, in the above 347 companies, the performance of the company has 36 year-on-year increase of more than 10 times, among them, Yihua health (105335.42%), cotton (10112.74%), deep chase stone investment (9698.53%), industrial science and Technology (9004.47%), Hinur (8946.11%), CLP (7238.10%) Hengyi petrochemical, (5030.72%) 7 company performance increase of more than 50 times, in addition, the results of an increase of more than 20 times of the company include: Hebei Energy (4699.33%), pine shares (4220.55%), guangyuyuan (3801.59%), (3345.75%), Hunan impression when l technology (3200.42%) construction machinery (2565.83%), sunning logistics (2421.16%), King Hing Paper (2257.64%), (2212.43%), the Rongsheng Petrochemical (2094.16%), long technology (2011.01%) and other 11 companies. The net profit attributable to the parent company amount from the reporting period, Wen’s shares for the period profit 11 billion 102 million yuan, topped the two city in the double the performance of the company in the report period, net profit attributable to the parent company of the company more than 2 billion yuan (6 billion 31 million yuan) and Baosteel, China Merchants Shekou (5 billion 697 million yuan), the same the party shares (5 billion 609 million yuan), Guangzhou Automobile Group (5 billion 609 million yuan), BBMG (2 billion 284 million yuan), Neusoft group (2 billion 69 million yuan). The industry attributes, double the performance of the company mainly concentrated in chemical, electrical equipment, electronics, computer, machinery and equipment, pharmaceutical and biological SW level industry, the industry doubled the number of Companies in more than 20. From the double shares accounted for the proportion of the constituent stocks, agriculture, steel, electrical equipment,;相关的主题文章: