Too bizarre! Foshan car parked overnight four round out (video)-pr011.msi

Too bizarre! Foshan car stop one night, four rounds did not. Nandu news trainee reporter He Guojin correspondent Zhang Zhendao building materials, stealing wheels…… After the release of captured again. Recently, Gaoming branch of Foshan Public Security Bureau captured a suspect named Mai Mai in Heshan town of Jiangmen city. In September 22nd, the main business reported a small car parked on the floor beside the village teachers basketball four wheels (including tires and wheels) stolen, losses of about 6000 yuan. After receiving the report, the police station and the Criminal Investigation Brigade police launched a rapid investigation, and ultimately locked a unlicensed white farmer car has a major crime suspects. After a comprehensive analysis of the police found that the case and in August 28th this year, a building equipment theft cases have more common ground, so resolutely implement string and joint investigation. Through a large number of investigation, the police quickly locked the suspect Mai’s foothold in the town of crane Town, double Si Village village of a natural village. In the afternoon of November 1st, after 5 hours of ambush waiting, the police arrested the suspect Mai Mai, and seized a number of stolen tires, wheels, electric drills, cables and other stolen goods in their residence, involving more than 23000 yuan. After investigation, the suspect of a wheat last year because of theft was arrested, released from prison in June after the return to prostitution". At present, Mai has been under criminal detention, the case is still under further investigation. [surveillance] the thief "cruel" unload 4 wheels, innocent cars become "light pole""

太离奇!佛山小车停一夜 四个轮没了.南都讯 见习记者何国劲 通讯员张圳 盗建材、偷车轮……刑满释放重操旧业被擒。近日,佛山市公安局高明分局在江门市鹤山镇抓获盗窃嫌疑人麦某。9月22日,有事主报案称其停放在更楼教师村篮球场旁的一辆小型轿车四个车轮(含轮胎和轮毂)被盗,损失约6000元。接到报案后,更合派出所与刑侦大队民警迅速展开侦查,最终锁定一辆无牌白色农民车有重大作案嫌疑。民警进行综合分析后发现,该案和今年8月28日发生的一宗建筑器材被盗窃案有较多共同点,于是果断实行串并侦查。通过大量排查,民警很快锁定嫌疑人麦某的落脚点在鹤山镇双合泗合村委会一自然村内。11月1日下午,经过5个小时的伏击守候,民警将嫌疑人麦某抓获归案,在其住处缴获汽车轮胎、轮毂、电钻机、电缆等赃物一批,涉案价值23000余元。经调查,嫌疑人麦某曾在去年因盗窃罪被警方抓获,6月刑满释放后又 “重操旧业”。目前,麦某已被刑事拘留,案件还在进一步审理中。 【相关阅读】监拍小偷“残忍”卸4个车轮 无辜汽车成“光杆”相关的主题文章: