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UnCategorized Usually the way you will chose to transfer money overseas varies relative to the amount of money you wish to send and the way in which you need to send it ie its intended usage once its received. Most .monly spoken of are methods of transfer like western union that involve a sum of money being sent by you, either your bank account or in cash for a recipient to pick up in cash with the help of identification, without the involvement of a bank account at the recipient institution. The other option different to this is the option of a wire transfer. A wire transfer is the moving of money from one bank account to another directly and in a secure transfer. The main advantages of a wire transfer are that firstly it is safer. No money is ever seen in cash (goes directly from the senders to the recipients bank) until withdrawn by the recipient from his own personal bank account and so there is less chance of an unforseen occurence spoiling the smoothness of the transfer. The level of security on international wire transfers is high. The money is sent with the requirement of only a routing number and bank account number and the details are sent over heavily encrypted banking networks to minimize the possiblity of theft or bank fraud. Wire transfers are insured and guaranteed. The downside however to the western union transfer can be the turnaround time. Where with western union or moneygram transfers, money can be available for a recipient to pick up the same day, a wire transfer will usually take around 3-4 days. Also the security and reliability of a wire transfer .es with the addition of a larger fee. Wire transfers usually set you back around $25 however depending on the amount of money being transferred can still prove to be more cost effective than a cash or money order transfer. A wire transfer can be organised through your local bank at a branch or else over the internet for those banks that have it available. You will only need to look at whether or not the receiving institution has the facilities to accept wire transfers. Most major international banks do, but it always pays to check. In summing up it is evident that under certain circumstances that vary based on the amount of money you are sending, for what purpose and the amount of time you require it to be received in, a wire transfer may be the way to go. Wire transfers are the most reliable, most effective and convenient way to transfer your money to where you want it to go. If the circumstances fit and wire transfer is possible it is certainly re.mended for avoiding hassles and cutting down on fees for large transfers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: