Trump and Putin the United States and Russia will call constructive cooperation

Trump and Putin: the United States and Russia will call "constructive cooperation" local 14, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Bertrand Mandarin, congratulating President Trump. Moscow Kremlin subsequently confirmed the news. Moscow Kremlin on Monday released a report on Putin and Trump was elected president since the first telephone interpretation, said they can improve the bad relations between the two countries have expressed optimism. Moscow Kremlin said in a statement, President Putin wished Trump to succeed, both sides agreed to further "constructive cooperation", the two sides also hope to keep in contact, and look forward to meeting. Moscow Kremlin said Putin expressed the desire to cooperate with Trump in an atmosphere of mutual respect and non-interference in each other’s internal affairs. They also talked about the fight against international terrorism and the resolution of the crisis in Syria. Trump’s transition team said, President elect Trump told President Putin that he was looking forward to a strong and lasting relationship with the Russian and Russian people." Trump said he hopes to maintain a constructive relationship with russia. In a debate with Hilary (Hillary Clinton), he insisted that he was not a "puppet" of Mr Putin". Trump will be sworn in next January 20th. 8 years as president Obama will step down. During the Obama administration, the United States and Russia due to the war in Syria and the island of Crimea and other issues have serious differences, tensions. Trump in the campaign has repeatedly expressed appreciation of Russian President Putin once said, "in a campaign on Putin better than Obama". Editor: Han Xuyang SN205相关的主题文章: