Turkey tanks cross-border attacks in Syria is motives triggered unlimited speculation magicq

Turkey tank cross-border Turkey 24 hit caused infinite speculation on the northern border of Syria city Gela Bo Ruth launched a large-scale anti terrorist action in Syria IS motivation, not only sent special forces into the theater, also deployed more than and 10 tanks of cross-border operations. Agence France-Presse said it is in crisis, the Turkish army launched military action the most ambitious ". And in the hours after the launch, U.S. Vice President Biden arrived at the visit. His visit in addition to the Syria crisis and discussions between the two countries have differences in the position of the soil, soil and religious leaders Guellen extradition problem. Turkey Annaduolu news agency said 24, 4 am local time, the Turkey army entrenched in extremist groups in Syria border town of Gela Bo Ruth’s Islamic state (IS) target of cross-border shelling and air strikes, more than 60 targets of extremist organizations hit, "the purpose is to enhance the militants out of the city, border security, support the territorial integrity of Syria". Turkey military sources said the ground action has not yet begun, but the small Turkey special forces have entered the territory of syria. The same day, more than and 10 Turkey tanks into Syria. Agence France-Presse, said the News Agency reporters Calka Merce, 24, also seen in the territory of Turkey, a number of military vehicles suspected of carrying soil Pro Syrian opposition. Foreign Minister Tu cavusoglu had confirmed that the Syrian armed opposition from the territory of Turkey, to promote Gela Bo Ruth. Syria’s Ministry of foreign affairs, 24, condemned Turkey’s flagrant violation of the country’s sovereignty, calling for the cessation of violations, and said it had asked the United Nations to take relevant measures. Russian Foreign Ministry said 24, Turkey’s military action or lead to deterioration of the situation in the region. Russian satellite news network, said the northern Kurdish autonomous region, said at least 29 civilians were killed in the air raid on Gela Bo Ruth. Turkey’s president El Erdogan said in a speech on the 24 day, the soil in the territory of the Syrian military action is not only for IS, but also for Kurdish militants, the civil war in Syria triggered a series of attacks in Turkey, should be permanently to the border issue huashangjuhao. Agence France-Presse said that after the start of the operation a few hours later, the Syrian Syrian armed opposition announced that Gela Bo Ruth will recover. Agence France-Presse said that the government has been accused of IS’s activities in Syria turned a blind eye, and even to help IS, but the government denied this statement. IS launched a series of terrorist attacks in the territory of the soil, the soil would like to take this action to show the seriousness of the fight against IS. Reported that the analysis of the conflict in the territory of five and a half years, the outbreak of the key node launched a military action, the release of the signal is that its policy is about to mark the transition. Earlier, the government has asked the Syrian President Bashar to step down, and therefore the main supporters of Iran and Russia, the dispute with the. But the Turkish Prime Minister Yildirim over the weekend for the first time admitted that Bashar is one of Syria’s "participant", as part of a political transition, he may need to stay. The key node in the position of signs of change in Turkey, U.S. Vice President Biden arrived on the 24 visit. Biden is the highest level of Western officials after the attempted coup. His visit issues including Syrian Kurdish rebels armed and government support jellab) in soil相关的主题文章: