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Uber launched the war who is car sharing a stumbling block? Sohu in automotive history, often need a few generations of Dynasty to establish and consolidate the blood and sweat, but may be done in a few years. Now, the traditional taxi industry and car rental industry is also facing the same problem — while the traditional sense of strong immersed in lying to count the money, pleasure, with drops of Uber and the car is easy to express, as the representative of a group of Internet P2P platform, but with the tricks of the "car" and "ride" business, "savage" like in figure. So people see, just a few years, Uber have set off the war all over the world, like the royalists and the revolutionary party, local despots and Yangqiangyangbao escalating confrontation. In late June, following the Shenzhou car in Chinese with a series of controversial ads on Uber after the war, the French taxi industry has launched a new round of strikes, to prove safety Uber spoiler. However, even if the fishing and fishing, anti encirclement and anti encirclement drama staged again and again, at least at the Chinese, Uber and local imitators did not appear signs of retreat and shake out. Some people will be attributed to the P2P platform money subsidy tactics, but there are also people who believe that they stick, essentially due to the arrival of the era of car sharing has been unable to reverse. The mobile Internet market to activate the car sharing, as the name suggests is to get the right to use the car enjoyed by plural users, whether all kinds of private car car based on the car rental business is still the same fiery, are within the scope of cover. In fact, although the car to listen to the share of the "buzz burst table", but its appearance and growth, is still the result of supply and demand. First of all, cars should have, and indeed have the possibility of being shared. In Chinese, private car is next to the property of large consumer goods for many people, and the relatively high prices of misfits, is the use of ordinary car low rate, a large city in particular. In the case of Beijing, the city’s motor vehicle ownership in 2013 exceeded million vehicles, but the car model, subject to the nine to five working time, most of the private car use time and route is relatively fixed, thus creating a high intensity of tidal flow and congestion with city center area and the surrounding "sleeping City" between the. For most workers, the average daily use of private vehicles for only 3 hours; it can be said that in the day most of the time, when the vehicle is in the millions do not produce any value, is worthy of the name of idle assets. In contrast, China is still a huge second tier cities, but the first car purchase policy was suppressed demand. Especially since 2011, the purchase of the car in full bloom in the north of Guangzhou, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and other places, to buy a car for newcomers to become luck or let pouch bleeding pain. The latest license-plate lottery in June 2015 to 1190 in Beijing, the low success rate, is like a car without a license plate for tens of thousands of people crush proof. No)相关的主题文章: