UN Security Council to determine the Secretary General of the United Nations candidate three isobuster

The Security Council of the United Nations Secretary-General   three hot concern — International News Agency — people.com.cn UN Security Council in October 6, the United Nations Secretary-General three hot by the News Agency reporter decided to formally on Deng Min 6 United Nations Security Council will recommend to the general assembly before Antonio Guterres served as Prime Minister of Portugal? UN under secretary general. In the Security Council officially announced the news before and after, why women can not be elected, the United Nations Security Council, Syria and other areas of conflict and other topics become the focus of attention. After 6 rounds of closed door after the vote, the Security Council unexpectedly announced on the 5 Guterres is a clear candidate, and will be formally adopted in the resolution of 6. Early in the morning the same day, the Security Council hall gathered journalists, tried to stop going to the consultation and meeting of the members of the Security Council, and the female is unable to elect the most asked topic. The British ambassador Rycroft said in answering this question, the Secretary General of the many campaigns and fierce competition, he was very glad to 13 candidates in 7 people are women, but more important is the need to select the most powerful person. "Guterres in the general assembly of the informal dialogue to show the vision and moral authority shows that he is one of the most powerful of all the people in this campaign, he also makes the ranking in the 6 vote thoroughly." Rycroft said. When the Security Council presidency this month, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Security Council has officially announced that Churkin after the applause passed a resolution will be recommended to the general assembly Gutierrez as the next Secretary General Post, the first question he asked is "how to respond to the millions of women elected female secretary general of the United Nations for not disappointed". Rycroft and Churkin the same answer. He said that the secretary general election process is very intense, we also encourage women to participate, from the beginning to the end of a diagnostic vote, women candidates have been accounted for 50%. However, members of the Security Council agreed that we must choose one of the most capable candidates. Asked if there would be a female deputy secretary general of the United Nations, Churkin said it would be up to Mr Guterres to decide. U.S. permanent representative to the United Nations, Bauer said in a statement released the same day, this year’s election process to encourage an unprecedented number of female candidates. But she stressed that the United States is determined to be an excellent candidate for the leadership of the United Nations, given the fact that Guterres has an excellent solution to the problems of the world, a deep sympathy for those in need, and respect for the rest of the world. In addition, the unity of the Security Council is also an important part of the ambassador’s frequent election in the current round of election. The tit for tat in a series of problems in Syria, North Korea and so on, widely considered the United States Wrestling will affect the Secretary General of the United Nations Security Council for the selection, so quickly decided to elect Guterres by the Portuguese is accidental. It is worth mentioning that, Churkin, 5, announced that when he was a clear candidate for the side, he stood on the other side of the Standing Committee of the other 14 members of the Security Council on behalf of the other. Bauer said, "this is a day of unity". Churkin, 6, in response to reporters相关的主题文章: