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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews The use of vapor whips is pretty manual. The density and amount of vapors inhaled depends on the inhalation speed. You can experiment with the temperatures and draw speed until you find a .bination that suits you best. Vaporizer whips can be cleaned and re-use several times but after a 5-month usage, they lose their color and shape. If the glass bowl isnt broken yet, regardless of the devices appearance, you can still use them as theyll still be able to serve their purpose. However, in case of a broken bowl piece, you can have it replaced by slicing or cutting the tubing around the glass bowl (dont try to force it) then slide the new bowl piece on its place. And as simple as that, you now have a new vapor whip. Glass-On-Glass The glass-on-glass (GoG) whips are the most important accessories of a vaporizer. A clean and well-maintained GoG whip provides the proper flow of vaporized weeds from the vaporizer unit and into the lungs. That said, it is therefore imperative to change these glass whips every after five weeks. This is necessary to avoid the build up of harmful elements (such as resin) inside the whips over time. Why Use Whip Vaporizers With the use of whip vaporizers, youll get the desired stimulating effeft minus the health hazards: The device vaporizes the herb, not burn it, which allows you to take in only the curative properties of the weeds. The body is able to absorb 80-96 percent of the active ingredients of the vaporized herbs (this percentage is much lower when the herbs or weeds that are smoked) Simple buying tips and guide Price Your first consideration will be, of course, the price. There are a lot of whip vaporizers sold online and on other accredited service providers. The price range can be around $150 -$700 USD depending on the quality and overall design. Efficiency Consider your intake amount. If youre a daily user, taking in a dose several times daily, then it would be practical if you buy a heavy duty whip vaporizer. These types of vaporizers have more durable herb-screen so you would not need to change them quite often. Manufacturer Purchase the product from a reputable manufacturer. Check out product reviews and customers testimonials and .ments. Temperature control – Determine whether you prefer a digitized temperature control unit, a dialed-analog control, or a no-control one with a default temperature preset by the manufacturer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: