Very Nice Glasses Of Iittala-tsumori chisato

Home-Improvement Iittala Glassworks was founded in 1881. It is now one of the leading factories in Northern Europe. It produces both glass art and household glass (Kahma, Modern). It has played a very important role in the development of the glass industry, starting as early as the 1930s with the previously mentioned Karhula-Iittala competitions. Aalto means wave. Therefore it is obvious that Aino Aalto, the wife of the world-famous architect and designer Alvar Aalto, got her inspiration for the glass jars from waves. The glass series Aino was created in 1932 and was first named Blgeblick that describes the waves that a pebble thrown in the water leaves behind on the surface. The functional and timeless simplicity of the glasses is still up-to-date. The products of the Aino Aalto series were awarded the gold medal at the Triennale in Milan in 1936. The Kartio glass series was created by Kaj Franck for the Finnish design manufacturer Iittala in 1958 and impresses by its constant simplicity. "Creating the perfect glass starts with the hand that has to hold it and with questions about what that hand would prefer to hold." Attempts have been made to copy Franck by applying his rational geometry to new designs. These attempts have failed, because they haven’t taken into account the living spirit and wisdom that are required, to give thought to simple things. Complex is rarely wise, yet it takes bravery and spirit to be simple. Elegant yet durable enough for everyday use, the Kartio range features glasses, carafes and bowls, all of which are available in several colours as well as in clear glass. Other colours are deliverable on request. Iittala Senta is a distinctively Scandinavian stemware. Designed by Alfredo Haberli in 2004, the Stella glasses have a relaxed style that is easy to hold and a pleasure to use. The stem tapers gently under the bowl, creating a natural, almost sensual hollow for your finger and thumb. Picking up a Senta glass, the sensation created by this hollow will make you wonder why all wineglasses aren’t made like this. The Iittala Glasses Jars are beautiful, stackable, mouth-blown glass jars that will beautifully complement any room in your home. These functional and attractive jars are air-tight with a convenient plastic seal, which also makes the glass lid easy to put on and remove. The medium Glass Jars are perfect for holding most things in your kitchen you want to keep fresh, like coffee, pasta, beans, and baking goods. Hot Cool is a range of glassware with a neat plastic jacket that protects your. Fingers when you have prepared extremely hot or cold drinks. The glass can withstand very high temperature changes, while the plastic jacket insulates the liquid inside against both heat and cold. Please purchase on online 相关的主题文章: