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The water conservancy facilities into Chinese infrastructure significantly short board – China News Agency, Beijing in August 29 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ma Haiyan Guo Jinchao Liang Xiaohui) the twelve session of the twenty-second meeting of the NPC Standing Committee opened in Beijing on 29. NPC Standing Committee Vice Chairman Ji Bingxuan on behalf of the NPC Standing Committee law enforcement inspection group made a check on the "People’s Republic of China water law" implementation of the report. The report notes that, at present, water conservancy facilities are obvious short board national infrastructure, especially water conservancy projects in the total size, spatial layout, regulatory capacity, there are still obvious deficiencies. Ji Bingxuan said that this year in Taihu, the Yangtze River Basin and North City Flood Disaster exposed City waterlogging and drainage tributaries and lakes, fully illustrated in terms of flood control and drainage of urban and rural water supply, agricultural irrigation and ecological protection is still a large number of water conservancy project construction needs. It is reported that, during 12th Five-Year, China’s farmland water conservancy construction investment of 426 billion 400 million yuan, the agricultural development of a large agricultural country is still not enough. And limited financial capital investment channels scattered, the overall planning of irrigation and water conservancy is difficult to play. National large and medium-sized irrigation, pumping stations, the basic expenditure of public welfare personnel, the project maintenance and maintenance funds in the financial subsidy rate of only about 50%. The report pointed out that the current low efficiency of water efficient irrigation and slow development of backward management means is the key problem to be solved. The national water-saving irrigation project area accounts for only 47.2% of the effective irrigated area, and the efficient water-saving irrigation area accounts for only about 27.2%. National 21 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) groundwater over exploitation of the total area of nearly 300 thousand square kilometers, with an annual average of over 17 billion cubic meters. In 2015, the monitoring results of groundwater quality in 17 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in North China showed that the water quality of the 2103 stations was poor and poor, which accounted for 48.4% and 32.1%, respectively. In addition, urban and rural water, workers and peasants compete for water, squeeze the occupation of farmland water conservancy facilities and irrigation water problems have also been highlighted. The report suggested that further enhance the water safety and water treatment to water and water awareness, continue to vigorously promote the construction of water conservancy projects, water conservancy construction continue to increase investment, accelerate the reform of water conservancy, vigorously promote water-saving irrigation and water resources protection. The National People’s Congress in May this year to July on the implementation of the inspection method. Ji Bingxuan said that the water has been carried out for 10 years, part of it can not adapt to the new era of the water law requirements, timely start preparations for water modification suggestions. (end)相关的主题文章: