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Womens-Issues The terrible long wait is over and the bad news has been delivered-you have breast cancer. Now what, are you going to die? What happens next? There are literally dozens of questions and fears bouncing around in your head and you might be frozen with fear. Remember that you are not alone and that literally thousands of other women have already dealt with this terrible disease and survived to live many long and productive years. The road to getting better is a long one that you must endure, but it is not one that you will travel alone. Your family, friends, and doctors will be there to help you and do not be afraid to reach out and ask for help. You are not weak or helpless, you are sick and people want to help but they just do not know how-so be ready to ask! Work with your doctor to .e up with the medical treatment that best fits your needs and that will help cure your type of breast cancer. Most breast cancers will be treated with surgery to remove the tumor and all, or part, of the breast tissue may be removed. Excluding the surgery, there are three primary treatments being used today as a breast cancer treatment and they include chemotherapy, hormone therapy and radiotherapy. * Chemotherapy drugs are given intravenously or in tablet form. Chemotherapy given intravenously usually requires the patient to be at the doctor’s office for several hours as the medication is slowly administered. The treatment is on a schedule determined by the doctor and a rest period of a few weeks between sessions is usual. This allows your body to recover from any side effects of the treatment. * Radiotherapy treats cancer by using high-energy rays to destroy the cancer cells, while doing as little harm as possible to the healthy cells. Radiotherapy is often used after surgery but may occasionally be used before, or instead of surgery. If part of the breast has been removed, radiotherapy is usually given to the remaining breast tissue, to reduce the risk of the cancer .ing back in that area. After a mastectomy, radiotherapy to the chest wall may be given if your doctor thinks there is a risk that any cancer cells have been left behind. * There are many different types of hormonal therapy and they work in different ways. They are often given after surgery and radiotherapy for breast cancer, to reduce the chance of the cancer .ing back. Hormonal therapy is usually given after chemotherapy. While your options may appear to be limited, they are not. There are dozens of variation of medications being used today to work with your body to help destroy the cencer cells. If one treatment is not working, another treatment may be used. Remember to be honest with your doctor about how you are feeling. Your doctor is the second most important person in helping you get better but they can not do their job if you do not talk to them. Now, who is the most important person when it .es to getting better? You are! Take care of yourself, realize that you are sick, need help and support. If you hate asking for help, just remember that when you are better, the opportunity may .e up that you can help someone elseand that is what it is all about! About the Author: By: Ankita Garg – Today more than one out of six couple face problems in getting pregnant. The lifestyle of the people has changed, which is one of the reasons for infertility. By: Anthony Dee – Pregnancy can be a joyous occasion for parents. Women especially will be in a beautiful state of euphoria as they connect with their child over the course of 9 months. In the joy that .es through, there are also rea … By: Anthony Dee – Human beings have a lot of different elements to the anatomy. 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