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Music If you have been looking for Guitar Tabs Universe you have probably figured out that the site is no longer working. Many people looked to this website to learn how to play their favorite songs in a easy to understand and learn format, with tabs for guitar Therefore, Mr. Balch, the one time manager of Guitar Tab Universe decided that he must close the doors of his site in 2006. Why was the website closed by Balch? However There was a combination of reasons. The culmination was a direct result from the actions of MPA (The Association of Music Publishers) including the NMPA as well (N.M.P.A.) decided that the copyright the writers owned was being infringed upon by the sharing of guitar tabs, creators and those that performed the aforementioned songs. Two suits may be filed against GTU. Apparently, and much to the surprise of its owner, when you teach others to play instruments or songs online it goes againt the ethics of these companies. Who knew? However, as Blach pointed out in his "Goodbye Letter", Guitar Tabs Universe was about sharing with others the art of learning how to play the guitar. It was not about stealing other people songs, it was not about infringing on the rights of others, it was simply about using various songs and their guitar tabs, showing others how they too can learn how to play. Mr. Blach was absolutely right when he asked how guitar tabs online is so very different from being taught songs by music teachers or even assisting someone to learn to play something that played on television or radio. What the NMPA and MPA appear to think is that utilizing the internet as a means for sharing is stepping over the proverbial line. Guitar Tabs Universe ceased to exist because the MPA and NMPA issued threats to the ISP and hosting server; Guitar Tabs Universe was forced to shut down. Therefore, and, as you can easily see, Sharing the love of the guitar and learning to play it had not effected the world as we know it. If you believe for some reason that guitar tabs are infringing on their rights, then you might as well say that millions of people across the world are committing the same crime. Consider everyone who have enjoyed their favorite tunes, By just listening you can learn to play. There are many, many people who have shown their friends how to learn songs. If that is the case, all of the cover bands and beginning bands that do not write their own music. So, if you, like many others were looking for the now defunct Guitar Tabs Universe, you now know why it is no longer available. However, the idea lives on as evident by the many guitar tabs websites available all across the internet. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: