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Marriage-Wedding So, the date is set and you are all excited to plan your big day. All your relatives and friends are there with loads of suggestions and there are wedding magazines and blogs to make your task a little easier. But no one can ease your burdens better than celebrity event planners. With experience of handling and arranging numerous weddings, some even for the big and popular names, these planners know what to do, and when and how to make your event a big success. Celebrity event planners handle and deal with the massive demands of renowned celebrities and therefore know how to cope with stress of planning a wonderful occasion. They already know and have connections with top decorators, florists, caterers and bakers to get you the very best for your special day. Though hiring a professional planner is an additional cost, but with these connections, they are able to get you great deals and discounts that eventually help you save money. Here are a few things to keep in mind before appointing a professional celebrity event planner: Ascertain the Prerequisites Find out the basics before visiting the planner. Determine the number of guests, wedding date, your budget and theme of the reception so that the planner can give you a precise quote. Interview Questions Interviewing prospective planners is vital before choosing the professional to plan your wedding. You should ask them if they have your wedding date open and if they handle only one wedding per day. The person concerned should be able to communicate well and handle difficult situations. Ensure that the company is certified or a member of some wedding association. Taking references and seeing photographs of previous works can also help you in making a decision. Paperwork – Make sure that you sign a formal contract. Mention all the responsibilities and obligations of the contract. Dates, details of sub-vendors, payment terms, cancellation policies and contingency plans should be clearly mentioned in the contract. Ascertain whether they charge a flat fee, percentage rate or hourly payment. Ask in advance what all will be included in the invoice cost how many meetings will be included; whether rehearsal dinner will be included, will they acquire other vendors, etc. Compatibility You will be in constant contact with your wedding planner all through the event preparations. Therefore, it is important that you feel comfortable with your event planner. You should feel that he understands your requirements and takes your feedback positively to transform your vision into reality. Do not get buried in a storm of checklists and get overwhelmed with taking numerous decisions. Hire a professional celebrity event planner and ensure that you happily sail through all your wedding preparations and enjoy your big day stress free. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: