Wife suffering from depression and her husband left home after a quarrel police call back wharfedale

His wife was suffering from depression after a fight with her husband left home police urged Beijing – Chu network news (correspondent Li Jun Liu Shanshan) suffering from depression, his wife ran away from home in a quarrel with her husband, her husband is afraid of the heart will alarm for help. The evening of September 21st, with the help of the police, his wife was persuaded to return home. "My wife ran away from home, she may have depression suicide." The 21 day at half past eight in the evening, the Huangshi Municipal Public Security Bureau police station received a red bridge port Huangshi branch man calls. Police He Hongbo immediately rushed to the alarm Mr. Wang’s home, Mr. Wang told the police anxiously, in the afternoon because he was a little bit of life trivial said his wife Zhou, a few days, four in the afternoon, his wife angrily out of the door. Mr. Wang did not mind at the beginning, can see the sky is black, his wife did not go home, the phone is not connected, went out to find a circle did not find. The thought of his wife suffering from depression, worry about the hard Dutch act Mr. Wang, the more nervous, so the police for help. He Hongbo understand the situation, the first to persuade Mr. Wang do not worry too much, and then came to Ms. Zhou’s phone number, with their own cell phone to call the past. This time, Ms. Zhou answered the phone. In He Hongbo’s patience persuasion, Ms. Zhou told the position now, and said he just wanted out of the house, did not take things too hard, they will go back later. He Hongbo let Ms. Zhou in situ waiting, and told her husband, Mr. Wang immediately to pick her up, Ms. Zhou agreed to listen to. He Hongbo will be the location of Ms. Zhou told Mr. Wang, let it go and get his wife back, and advised him to say after a problem, don’t quarrel, Mr. Wang gratefully thanks to the police. After the police understand, Ms. Zhou has gone home with Mr. wang.相关的主题文章: