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Wine and truffles delicacy | this autumn PieiTe Monte’s match – Sohu and Abstract: 10 at the end of the beginning of the November, PieiTe Monte winery is busy brewing Wine. The wine world network (micro signal: @wine-world) to see another group of gourmet PieiTe Monte, they are with their own hunting, hunting all over the mountains and plains. This treasure is the world’s most famous Alba truffle. PieiTe Monte (Piedmont), everyone’s first reaction may be the wine of PieiTe Monte. This gave birth to the most famous Italy Barolo (Barolo) and Babalaisike (Barbaresco) wine, also have a favorite of ordinary people in Asti (Asti) sparkling wine. And in November of this year, Jin Qiuzhong, the winery is busy with the harvest of wine grapes. But this time not just busy winery, there is another group of gourmet. The world’s most famous truffle Alba extremely precious Bai Songlu photograph: Boston Magazine if you are not just an Wine lover, or a gourmet, you know that the famous wine not only PieiTe Monte, but also a world-renowned truffle. In PieiTe Monte Hei Alba (Alba) Alba (Alba truffle) produced the truffle is known as the world’s top truffles. Every year from October 6th to November 18th, Alba held a grand festival attracted worldwide truffles, countless gourmets and tourists. The truffle festival will be held in Italy local al Ba Bai Songlou international auction. According to the "" reported that in November 8th last year held an auction, 11 pieces of precious ingredients of white truffle auction shot a total of 287 thousand and 500 euros (equivalent to approximately RMB 1 million 960 thousand yuan), the value of the degree is not inferior to the local wine. Alba in a local exploration truffle hounds for wild truffle photograph in the mountains: Italian Notes with different grape truffle truffle, not through artificial cultivation, can grow in the wild environment, which is why the expensive one. Although some unearthed truffles in the summer will, but most of the top truffles is generally in autumn and winter. Each to the end of October and early November, Alba Lang Nazogl (Langhe Hill) began to outcrop of truffles. This time, a large number of local people will bring their dogs to find truffles mountain tour. Some energetic tourists, will also travel with local travel agents and local people, together to find the precious food. Motor Lena square photograph: Targatocn of course, if you do not want to toss in the mountains inside, can also go to the Alba Lena square (Cortile Della motor Maddalena) direct purchase of local people to find truffles. However, the truffle market in 9 points every weekend morning, until 11!相关的主题文章: