With her mother-in-law quarrel that did not face the woman holding a child on the highway to suicide exit safe mode

With her mother-in-law quarrel that did not face the woman holding a child on the highway to suicide Washington (reporter correspondent Wan Qin Nie Xijin) Mid Autumn Festival, the family reunion is perfect conjugal bliss, when a wife, but because of a quarrel with her mother-in-law, angrily holding son rushed on the highway to suicide, fortunately the Police Corps of Xiangyang province police found timely, away from the highway. In September 15 about 3:30 in the afternoon, Xiangyang provincial police brigade patrol police on duty, received a number of road drivers crossing the alarm call, said in the two high-speed wide wide two to around 1596, a young woman holding a child, walking in the middle lane highway with passing lanes, very dangerous. High speed traffic police rushed to the scene, I saw a woman holding a child emotional tears Lane on the highway, and claimed to have written a suicide note, do not want to live, to bring their children to commit suicide. During the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, highway traffic is large, high speed quickly, passing vehicles brake emergency avoidance, emergency, the scene is very dangerous. A couple of speeding cars for emergency avoidance, nearly hit a roadside guardrail. High speed traffic police to take measures to bring the woman to safety zone. Women’s mood is still excited, refused to go on the police refused to speed. More than an hour after the police patiently to persuade women a little emotional stability. It is understood that the woman surnamed Chen, Yicheng, is a school teacher in Yicheng. The Mid Autumn Festival family reunion, because her mother-in-law strained relationship for a long time, plus lunch time, two people again trivial quarrel, the mother in the family before, let her lose face. The emotional, to speed, want to commit suicide. After the police communicate with women’s families, families have rushed to the site of the incident, it brought down the high speed.相关的主题文章: