Woman riding a zebra crossing was a motorcycle driver was hit by a flight of 150 thousand claims (vi polartec

A woman riding a zebra crossing was drunk driving motorcycle Zhuangfei Fanzao claims 150 thousand and 8 month 8 days in the evening, when Yangzhou Jiangdu Mei aunt electric car ride across the zebra crossing, a motorcycle suddenly came hurtling through a red light, hit a plum aunt’s electric car, two Zhuangfei fell to the ground. Later, the two were sent to hospital for rescue, aunt aunt suffered minor injuries, and hit her 28 year old man Zhang, due to serious injuries admitted to the intensive care unit. According to the accident report issued by the traffic police, the accident Zhang was detected every night, 90.7 ml of blood alcohol content is drunk driving, all kinds of evidence that Zhang should be responsible for the accident. Reversal: hit but to lose 150 thousand? At the beginning, Zhang family aunt may advance 3000 yuan for medical expenses. But a week later, Zhang died, treatment, rehabilitation and compensation Zhang family then asked aunt may bear Zhang 20%, a total of about 150 thousand yuan. He was hit, but fell to 150 thousand yuan, Mei aunt suddenly rip off. "My own home so much debt, if he asked me to compensate, the other people’s heart where to go? I’m not injustice." Police: why was the Aunt Mei does have some responsibility the person liable for compensation? This is Zhang’s family in trouble? It turned out that although Zhang is drunk driving, but Aunt Mei riding a electric car crossing the zebra crossing, did not get off the implementation, but also in violation of the road traffic safety law, out of something to bear the corresponding responsibility. The police said, the two sides were very sympathetic to people, but the law is not disobey, must be in accordance with both the accident in the accident to the legally designated responsibility, not because of the responsibility of the party, the other party may offset the responsibility of a small, one party’s fault. Currently, the two sides are waiting for the responsibility of the accident issued by the police found that the money is not lost or lose, we will continue to focus on. Extended video: men pengci blackmail has nothing to do with the original car fell out of the new ear take "blood" loading…相关的主题文章: