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Wu Diwen "people’s prosecutor" tough guy challenge into light entertainment Sohu – Sohu Wu Diwen   entertainment news China commemorate the 95 anniversary of the Communist Party of outstanding TV broadcasting plays "people’s prosecutor" since landing CCTV prime time broadcast, whether in the audience or the audience share reputation are eye-catching performance. Actor Wu Diwen in a short inch, uniforms, tie, a smart and honest style appearance, interpretation of young prosecutors in the following "Wu Yuelong, God of Zhao Zilong" in the pains adviser to Li Ru, once again into the audience’s vision. Wu Diwen’s transformation into a "people’s prosecutor" is a tough guy in real life outstanding prosecutor groups as the archetypes in real case prosecutors investigating the story of creative adaptation, play "in a corner of Yuelong is now the prosecution team of fresh blood high degree reduction is based on a dedication, the courage to play the unyielding men. For treatment of procuratorial work enthusiasm, deal with the feelings of sincere single-minded, Wu Diwen interpretation of the "dragon" value has been out of impression in the minds of the audience in particular happened last night Yuelong, plot, so all the fans have called love. In one case a suspect in the escape accidentally falls dead, it has become a big villain Jin Mingshan (Yu Rongguang ornaments) weapon used to attack the procuratorate, the attorney general Zhao Jun (Shi Liang ornaments) to bear enormous pressure. Dragon self blame, offered to leave. That man does not shed tears easily, leaving love attorney positions, the strong hard man is like a child in tears, then Yu Yuelong will leave his audience decide on what path to follow, both sad and worried. Challenge put together to talk about shaping the experience of Yu Yuelong, has always been good at costume drama and modern metropolis TV series Wu Diwen also regrets is a big challenge, but because of challenges so benefit: "this is my first contact with the main theme of the drama. Just received a role is also very confused, I do not know where to start, but the crew arranged for us to experience the life of the procuratorate. At that time every day and we really prosecutors together, through observation and understanding in their work and life to carefully consider this role." He also shot to work together, in the play also close to Zheng Yu before full of gratitude, "lies in the earthquake before the teacher I was somewhat sentimental, but the teacher has been good at giving systematic guidance with me, so I really benefited". It is the "people’s procurator" this particular and profound performing experience, let Wu Diwen get rid of the burden idol, dare in the theme of drama on the breakthrough, but also broaden the range. Yu Yuelong left the prosecutor’s office, whether it will really give up on the pursuit of justice? The young man, what will happen to the story? Please lock CCTV a set of concerns, the people’s Procuratorate follow-up wonderful.相关的主题文章: