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Wu Lei with "remember" propaganda drama debut Qixing youth positive energy Sohu Wu Lei entertainment cited expectations "" Wu Lei unveiled articles Qixing articles propaganda drama positive energy juvenile lead Sohu expect entertainment news yesterday, Wu Lei unveiled a video website for his starring drama autumn rally "the youth" fresh clothes horse angry Qixing propaganda platform. The "autumn" star studded scene, Fan Bingbing, Wu Xiubo, quiet, Jiro Wang and the star back to the scene, a warm atmosphere. Wu Lei was wearing a black leather rivet printing character, collocation handsome dark T event debut, full of momentum, and share with you behind the scenes when shooting. Wu Lei said at the time of filming in Yinchuan during the cold season, the minimum temperature reached minus 27 degrees, about the lines when the mouth can breathe air, feel like effects, the audience in an uproar. "Remember" Qixing is a story about courage and friendship of juvenile adventure fantasy, the identity of the five different background of youth, a strange combination of circumstances to shoulder super mission to save the world, the team in the three realms, looking for the legendary story of stars. At the end of the conversation before, when the party asked Wu Lei, "remember" of Qixing is expected, Wu Lei explained that this is a group of teenagers from a green hand to the last shovel to evil gradually grow into a great hero of the story is full of positive energy, but we also hope that through this work the spirit of positive energy transfer for everyone!相关的主题文章: