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Yu Juemin out of power rate 81 women’s volleyball Ya Jubei spell Bangkok glass NEC 2014-2015 season Shenzhen Bayi women’s volleyball team won the national championship map sina sports Beijing on September 2nd news, the 2016 Asian women’s Volleyball Club Championship will be unveiled tomorrow in Philippines, on behalf of China played Yu Juemin in command of the Shenzhen Bayi women’s volleyball team, and they will be led by Premji Te Thailand Bangkok, ancient glass he led the Japanese NEC yarn that red rocket, North Korea’s 4.25 sports club championship. 2016 Asian women’s Volleyball Championship club (commonly known as Ya Jubei in Philippines from September 3rd -11), held in the city of South Lake than. A total of 12 teams participated, divided into A, B, C, D group four. Shenzhen women’s volleyball team in the D group, the same group, including the Taipei, Taichung, Malaysia. Host Philippines Futian Automobile, Hongkong post bank, Vietnam China Kwai Tsing in A group, B group from Thailand Bangkok, North Korea, Iran glass 4.25 sports consists of investment banks. C group includes the Japanese NEC red rocket, Kazakhstan, Altai, VC, Indonesia, Jakarta national power. The game first team single round robin, with the top two qualifying quarter finals rematch. A group, C group of the top two entered the semi-finals in E group, B group, D group two F group to enter the semi-finals, group phase results into the semi-finals, semi-finals scheduled each single cycle after ranking, followed by cross 14 semi-finals and final until the final. Shenzhen Bayi women’s volleyball team won the China League in the 2014-2015 season, which won this year Ya Jubei qualification. Due to the events and are held in Taicang Jiangsu National Championships in time of conflict, so the Bayi women’s volleyball team sent a team to participate in the National Youth Championships, and Yu Juemin in command of the Shenzhen women’s volleyball competition in Jubei 81. 18 players 81 enrolled in the Shenzhen women’s volleyball team including Liu Yanhan, Wang Yunlu, Fan Linlin, Yuan Weiyu, Chen Yao, Liu Congcong, Yang Junjing, Wang Yan, Yuan Xinyue, Yan Kailun, Shen Jingsi, Qi Lin, Zhou Yujie, Wang Qi, Huang Liuyan, Zuo Ting, Liu Yu, Shi Peixin Taoxiao. Like some young players to participate in the championship, led by veteran national team and played in the tournament. In addition, the Olympic champion Yuan Xinyue just with elite delegation going back, is unknown. According to the strength of each team, the game can pose a threat to the Shenzhen Bayi women’s volleyball team including Thailand Bangkok glass, Japan NEC red rocket. Thailand Bangkok glass as the defending champion, the tournament is still led by Captain Premji Te, Vera, Gallas, Peng Wan, Poppen Zhutalate Thailand also introduced the main national champion, national champion jade flower, Vietnam Nguyen Fraze U.S. foreign aid. The Japanese NEC rocket including the main Koga Sari, the Red River near haruyo, Ono Kana, Fu Gong Shimamura, Liu Qi, Tian Guang collusion free rock Yee also added more birds, yarn and other famous players not nine. According to the schedule, Shenzhen Bayi women’s volleyball team in the September 3rd bye. September 4th 18:30 against China Taipei Taichung bank, the team maximum age of 18 years old, is a young army. September 5th 18:30)相关的主题文章: