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Talk about the book: "Zhang Yueran" the cocoon is still walking in a road — the original Title Culture — people.com.cn independence: Zhang Yueran: still walking on a road of independence focus recently, after 80 writer Zhang Yueran bring the latest edition of the novel "cocoon" to the 2016 Southern Book Festival held a lecture. A vegetable in this novel from Zhang when I heard the story, after years of this memory become the lead her father history and spirit of exploration. The more than and 20 characters in the novel by tracing the fate of several generations, reality show Chinese and spiritual dilemma. During the 7 years of writing, Zhang Yueran’s thinking has become more and more plentiful, and the problems of dealing with it are more complicated and diverse. This novel is a masterpiece by seeking a breakthrough, critics call "80’s spiritual growth" for. In the southern book festival event, Zhang Yueran interview with reporters, talking about "the cocoon of creative ideas". Talk about "cocoon" and fight against the novel’s attitude is very important in Nanfang Daily: this novel many characters, clues tortuous writing process is not complicated, there is a deep history, expand the world’s pleasure? Zhang Yueran: in fact, the characters do not come together in the novel, but a slowly come. I later realized that so many people, but I also don’t want to put them into special thin, just as the hero of the service, but hope that they have their own desires, their own lives, so gradually to build such a situation. I do not think there is a great sense of accomplishment, but it will feel unknowingly appeared a group of people. Some people become more important with the idea, some people are not so important at the beginning, I will think about their situation, as well as to think about their difficulties, so gradually become very plump. Nanfang Daily: at the end of a trial in the snow to reach a settlement, the coins were covered with snow, giving people a warm feeling. Are you going to end the novel with the intention of keeping your father’s history in peace or steady landing? Zhang Yueran: in fact, this novel is difficult to end, it is the way two people talk. In addition, the study of this problem is not a particularly clear answer. This is not our personal problem, but the generation of our people have to go out of the shadow of history, the impact of their parents. But not realizing that the problem will solve the problem, do you realize that you can get out of it? I think it might be difficult. So in this sense, the novel has no way to have a definite ending. As you say, the novel to be a closed, must have an end point, so I think the end point is not set to a reduction, but set a hope and a new test, is the heroine and hero in front of there are many difficulties, they seem to come to a a new starting point, facing more and more challenges. But in any case, it is also a sign of hope. Nanfang Daily: daily life is less and less heroic role, so the literary figure has gradually returned to the history of ordinary people, the spirit of struggle. In the "cocoon", you are most focused on shaping the character? Zhang Yueran: I think the characters in the cocoon相关的主题文章: