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Zhuhai green development: underground sewage treatment plant to build park – Guangdong Channel – people.com.cn original title: underground sewage treatment plant built on the ground before the Park Hill water purification factory outlet. On the floor, here will be the rise of a beautiful sponge city garden; and in the ground, but hidden a modern sewage treatment plant. In September 30th, Zhuhai city first buried sewage treatment plant — before the mountain water purification plant project put into operation. This marks the first Zhuhai mountains and rivers governance, the five major engineering measures, the first sewage treatment project construction successfully completed according to plan. Mountain water purification plant by the Zhuhai water group construction, the use of membrane treatment process, the first phase of the project to deal with the scale of 100 thousand tons. Zhuhai city water group relevant responsible person said that the pollutant emission reduction system before the mountain water purification plant and yijianhuzaijian supporting sewage pumping stations constitute the former river watershed, to improve rivers on both sides before intercepting sewer, increase the proportion of rain and sewage diversion, improve water quality, promote the former Hill of Zhuhai green development of great significance. The water quality is better than the national and provincial highest standards before the mountain water purification plant in Zhuhai before making Pui Shan village road workers and Jinji road intersection. Yesterday, the author advance SYPC scene found on the ground, here is a dusty construction site; and in the underground sewage is processed into water. It is worth mentioning that the author in the field of smell any odor. It is reported that the plant covers an area of about 98 thousand square meters, a project covers an area of about 45 thousand square meters, invested about 540 million yuan, the current domestic advanced membrane bioreactor (MBR) wastewater treatment process, water quality is better than the national "urban sewage treatment plant pollutant discharge standard" a A standard and Guangdong province "water pollutant discharge limits" of the two times more stringent standard value. These two standards are the highest standards of national standards and provincial standards. At the factory outlet, the staff took some water in a bottle of mineral water, and another bottle of tap water, the author can not distinguish with the naked eye. In order to improve the sewage collection rate, give full play to the former mountain water purification plant sewage treatment capacity, and the plant supporting the construction of sewage pipe network is also in sync. According to the Zhuhai water group project management department deputy general manager of Tong Li introduced, at present, the city’s sewage pipe network construction project in Xiangzhou District, the first batch of projects in front of the mountains and rivers to the north of the project has been basically completed, the former river south of the project has entered the final stage. After the completion of the construction of the sewage pipe network, sewage service area will be included in the former mountain water purification plant. It is understood that in September last year, Zhuhai water group Gongbei water purification plant fourth expansion project (70 thousand tons day) put into operation until now before the mountain water purification plant phase operation, sewage treatment capacity of Qianshan River Basin increased from 225 thousand tons to 395 thousand tons increase day day. Tong Li said that the factory four and before the mountain water purification plant phase put into operation and supporting the sewage pipe network construction gradually expanded to Gongbei water purification, sewage treatment will be an important role for the improvement of Gongbei coast, Qianshan Mountain area before the. Plant into the underground, and the surrounding environment more相关的主题文章: