Ziyang 23 year old woman was shot in the face of inexplicable paraplegia suspect jingfangxingju ravbin

Ziyang 23 year old woman was shot in the face of inexplicable paraplegia suspect jingfangxingju in October 28th, a 23 year old woman in Ziyang Liu Huireng in the hospital for treatment of lower extremity muscle strength loss, so she could not take care of the future size of paraplegia. She caused paraplegia, is a ball into the body. More than and 10 days ago, when she was fishing in the pond at home, was shot from behind. At present, the local police have been involved in all the people and the shooter gun modified criminal detention, the case is still under further investigation. A shot after the woman fell back after a bullet found Liu Hui this year just married, home is located in Ziyang to greet Zhen Qian Feng Cun she usually lives in the city of Ziyang. October 14th, Liu Hui’s grandfather’s birthday, the day she and her husband and father back home, to participate in Grandpa’s birthday feast. Her husband, Li Qiang recalled, after lunch break for a while, he and his wife and father-in-law, who went to the pond outside to see relatives fishing. 16 PM, suddenly heard a gunshot, Liu Hui immediately fell to the ground. Looking back, behind someone, but did not pay attention to whether the other side of the gun. "We quickly took her aside for a while and then took her back home to rest." Li Qiang said, at that time, his wife’s consciousness is sober, just reluctant to speak, legs weak, can not stand up. Because no trace of blood, but also did not carefully check, plus they thought that the shooter can not be shot at the person, the family is only suspected that Liu Hui was a few years ago schizophrenia and committed, did not care. However, after returning home for a night, Liu Hui’s legs are still unable to restore strength. Sleep at night to turn over, she turned her grandmother." Liu Hui’s father, Liu Yiyin, for this reason, 15 pm, Liu family will be sent to the first people’s Hospital of Ziyang for treatment. After a doctor’s examination, the initial identification of Liu Hui’s spinal cord problems. At this time, Li Qiangcai found a small finger size bullet holes in the back of Liu Hui. "Lenovo to yesterday’s shot, we could react, she is shot, we call the doctor rushed to the police after listening to." After receiving the alarm, the local police immediately organized elite police, careful investigation, quickly locked the gunman and the modification of firearms involved. At present, involved two suspects have been detained by the police, the case is still under further investigation. The ball into the women’s legs and muscle loss of spinal cord injury paraplegia that night, Liu Hui’s family will she transferred to the Sichuan University West China Hospital for treatment. After the hospital examination, Liu Hui’s double lower limbs tingling has no response, muscle strength 0, that is to say, leg muscle loss. There is a foreign body in her chest. Due to thoracic spinal cord injury, Liu Hui has paraplegia. "The doctor said in her thoracic a pea sized ball." Liu Yiyin said the family hoped that through the operation of the ball out, but the doctor think it will cause two trauma, currently recommended conservative treatment. The doctor also said that my daughter after the paralysis, and even feces urine can not take care of themselves." Li Qiang said he and his wife were married soon, there is no child. "So young paralyzed, the next half of her life? I hope I can cure her, at least she can take care of herself." In October 21st, Liu Hui went back to the first people’s Hospital of Ziyang City, the Department of rehabilitation for receiving conservative treatment相关的主题文章: